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Since your vehicles are some of the most valuable possessions you own, you need to protect this investment in your car, motorcycle, boat or RV. If you don’t have a garage or maybe you need a little more space than your existing garage has, you may want to consider adding on an ACP Covers’ carport. Our carports are a unique and economical alternative to traditional garages, and they offer the protection to help preserve the life of your vehicles.

As you are considering ACP Covers to build your carport, there are several benefits of adding a carport to your house to keep in mind:

Keeps Vehicles out of the Elements

An ACP Covers’ carport protects your car’s finish from hail damage, sun damage & heat deterioration. It keeps the interior of your car cool in the summer, and its exterior clean by allowing the passage of air currents to dry off dampness and rain instead of letting it cling.

Protects You from the Elements

When it is snowing or raining outside, probably the last thing you want to do is have to get out of your car and run through the rain with bags full of groceries. With a carport from ACP Covers, you can stay protected from the elements while you move stuff from your car to inside the house. You’ll never worry about getting drenched in a downpour again.

Provides Safety

With an ACP Covers’ carport, after you arrive home and get out of your vehicle, there’s no place for someone to hide to surprise you. Another big safety benefit is that you’re closer to your house door, too.

Is Economical

Building a garage can be quite expensive, but a carport from ACP Covers is a budget-friendly way you can enjoy the benefits of having a covered space for your things. We have many great options available, and with all the options, you are sure to find one that will meet your budget needs.


Since it is an open structure without walls, an ACP Covers’ carport is not only excellent for storing cars, you can store other vehicles in these carports as well, like a motor home, boat, or trailer.

Quick Installation

Typically, ACP Covers can build a carport within one to two days.

ACP Covers’ carports come both in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as in a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum and steel. Whether you want a fully covered metal carport or a partially covered wood carport with parts exposed to the elements, ACP Covers will build a carport to your satisfaction, and we’ll customize it to fit the dimensions you need. So if you are tired of parking outdoors, getting wet in the rain, or you need a place to store other items, then let ACP Covers build a carport for your home so you can start enjoying all the benefits it provides.

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